Personal Backup

© 2001 - , Dr. Jürgen Rathlev

Translations to other languages

Personal Backup basically uses English captions and dialogs. The translation to German was done by using GNU Gettext for Delphi by Lars B. Dybdahl. This system makes it very easy for anyone to create a translation to another language. There are just two things needed:

Special editors

The translation work is facilitated by using a special po-editor (more info).
Recommended programs:

Help needed

People who wish to help by creating translations to other languages are welcomed. They need to download the po templates for Personal Backup and one of the po editors.
Note: As Personal Backup 5 was created with the Delphi 10 development system that has full Unicode support, there are no restrictions on the character sets able to be used for the translation.

Creating a new translation

After downloading the templates you should create an appropriate work space on your computer:

Recommended directory structure

  1. Create a new directory pb-phrases in My Documents
  2. Copy all files from the downloaded templates zip to this folder
  3. Create a subdirectory languages
  4. There, create subdirectories for each language you wish to support
  5. Open the po template with an editor (e.g. poedit) and save as a new file in the appropriate language subdirectory.
    Poedit will require some prior changes to the catalog settings (see screenshot on right).
  6. Insert the translated phrases. Make sure that the translated phrases have similar lengths to the originals so that they will fit into their fields in the desktop window.
  7. Open the English version of the file language.cfg (to be found in the root folder pb-phrases) with any text editor (Notepad or PsPad) and remove all "#" signs at the beginning of the lines. Then translate all language descriptors to your language and save as new file in the same folder as the translated po files.
  8. Send the po file back to me as an . I will then integrate the translation into the program package.

Updating translations

Templates will change on new program versions. GNU Gettext for Delphi has tools to update the templates and to merge the new templates with the existing translations. Because of this, only new and changed phrases have to be edited.
I will carry out the merging of the new template with the previous translation after each update and will then send the partial translation back to the translator for further editing.
If anyone wishes to merge template and translation himself, he will need to download and install dxgettext on his computer after which an entry will be found in the context menu of all po files for merging them with the templates.

Update process

  1. Copy the new templates to the directory pb-phrases
  2. Right-click on the translated po file and select ggmerge
  3. Select the po template and check Remember settings
  4. Start file merging
  5. Enter the editor (e.g. Poedit) to add and change translations

Testing the translation

You can test your translation with an installed version of Personal Backup. This will ensure that all phrases fit into their fields on the desktop. Possibly some phrases will have to be abbreviated.
Perform the following steps:

  1. Open the po file with PoEdit and edit if necessary. When saving the file, the mo file will automatically be updated.
  2. Go to the folder where Personal Backup is installed (usually: c:\Program Files\Personal Backup 5\) on 32 bit systems or c:\Program Files (x86)\Personal Backup 5\ on 64 bit systems).
  3. Create a subdirectory <xx>\LC_MESSAGES in the locale subfolder (administrator rights are required). xx must be replaced with the two letter language code of your translation (refer to file language.cfg).
  4. Copy the following mo files into this new subdirectory (administrator rights required):,, and, if available, and (all files must belong to the language into which you are translating, see the download section below). Then copy the file language.cfg.
  5. Open the English version of the file language.cfg (to be found in the Personal Backup program folder) with any text editor (Notepad or PsPad) and remove the "#" sign at the beginning of the line with your language.
  6. Restart Personal Backup. You will now find a new menu item for your language beneath Preferences ⇒ Language to change to your language.