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Settings for backups on an FTP server

General settings:

You can find more information about FTP on Wikipedia.

certificate extended
FTP FTP-Options

Clicking the Advanced settings button will open the following page.

Advanced settings:

FTP settings

Verification of server certificate

SSL cerificate

If a secure connection is selected (see above), the data transfer is encrypted using the TLS/SSL method. Additional security can be achieved by checking the server's encryption certificate. This can be done either by the user via a visual assessment or automatically by comparing the digital fingerprints.


When a secure connection is established, the server certificate (X.509) is downloaded. It contains, among other things, information about the issuer and its validity, as well as a digital MD5 fingerprint. Before the backup starts, the user is shown this information so that he can evaluate whether the certificate is trustworthy. If he knows the digital fingerprint of the server certificate, it can be stored in the program to allow automatic verification when the connection is established by comparing it with the downloaded one.

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